Marsupilami What Animal? These are the Facts

Marsupilami What Animal? These are the Facts

Marsupilami questionanimalwhat might have been asked by a 90s kid while watching cartoons by comic artist Andre Franquin. Marsupilami tells the story of a unique super mammal.

Marsupilami was first published in Spirou magazine on January 31, 1952. However, the comic stopped being released after the cartoon creator left the publisher in 1968.
In the late 1980s, publisher Marsu Production launched the Marsupilami comic and animation series drawn by Batem. The animation that tells the story of Marsupilami’s life in the wild with his wife and children is very popular.

Marsupilami What Animal?

Marsupilami’s cute and strong portrayal makes his character likable. However, quite a few people wonder what animal marsupilami is.
You could say marsupilami is a combination of cheetah and kangaroo.CharacterIt is described as a yellow mammal with black spots on its body. However, it can stand and jump on both legs like a kangaroo.
The characteristic of marsupilami is its long and strong tail which is used for jumping, swinging on trees, and defeating enemies.

Basically, marsupilami are just fictional animals that don’t exist in the real world. However, this character is similar to a marmoset or golden lion tamarin which has a long tail.
The character is also inspired by the bear cuscus (ailurops ursinus) which has a very strong tail which is used to help mobility in trees.

Marsupilami Facts

Below are some interesting facts about the Marsupilami animation summarized from various sources.

1. Broadcast in 50 Countries

CartoonMarsupilami has been broadcast in more than 50 countries. Quoted from the Marsu Production page , this animated film, which was broadcast in 2000, was broadcast for four seasons and always received the highest rating.

2. Once made by Disney

Long before Marsu Production made the Marsupilami cartoon, Disney had already produced the animation in 1993.

3. Friendly with humans

Marsupilami in the cartoon by Marsu Production has a mischievous, friendly and clever temperament. In the animation, it is said that Marsupilami is friends with a boy named Leo. Leo’s house is near the forest where he lives.

4. Has Three Children

Marsupilami is said to live in the trees in the Palombian forest. He lives with his wife and three children whose names are aunt, aunt, and bobo.