Availability of Access on Many Platforms

When you are interested in anime, you will definitely immediately look for a platform that is easy to access, right? Some of them are Netflix, Iqiyi, and CrunchyRoll. However, you must subscribe to fully access these three platforms.

Some anime broadcasts them for free on YouTube. The channels that are quite well known are Muse Asia and Ani-One Asia. Both channels have quite diverse anime collections. You can do a marathon comfortably without the hassle of registering on a paid platform.

The ease of internet access which then has an impact on the abundance of anime content on social media, as well as the availability of platforms to watch anime for free, can be said to be the main trigger for the rise of anime enthusiasts in Indonesia.

Anime itself has a level of excitement and value that is quite unique compared to other forms of entertainment . So, it is not surprising that in the future there will be more and more anime fans in Indonesia.