The Tinkerbell Fairy Tale and its Interesting Review, The Birth Story and Process of Finding the Little Fairy’s Identity

The Tinkerbell Fairy Tale and its Interesting Review, The Birth Story and Process of Finding the Little Fairy's Identity

Have you ever read the fairy tale about Tinkerbell’s birth? If you’ve never done it before and are curious about the story, just take a look at the review we have prepared in the following article.

You may have heard the fairy tale about the adventures of Peter Pan, who is always accompanied by a tiny fairy named Tinkerbell. However, have you ever read the story of the birth of the fairy?

If you’re curious, in this article we have prepared an interesting story for you to read to your nephew or beloved child. After reading it, don’t forget to also get a little review of the intrinsic elements, interesting facts and moral messages that you can get from the story.

You can’t wait to know the story, right? Just take a look at the Tinkerbell fairy tale that we have prepared below. Happy reading!

Tinkerbell Fairy Tales

Once upon a time, there lived several fairies in a fairy village called Pixie Hollow. One fine day, the fairies gathered together in the assembly hall.

The reason they gathered was because at that time, with a sprinkling of magic dust, a new fairy was born into the world. The fairy’s name is Tinkerbell.

The leader of the fairies, Queen Clarion, welcomed the new fairy saying, “Born of laughter, clothed in joy, now you are born into the world accompanied by happiness .”

Excitement was heard from the fairies. They all felt the same happiness welcoming the birth of Tink, Tinkerbell’s nickname. They couldn’t wait to find out where Tink’s talent lay. Because after all, every fairy in Pixie Hollow has a job that suits their respective talents.

The gathered fairies then walked over carrying several items. They try to find the best talent for Tink. One by one, the tiny fairy touched the flowers , water and light in front of her. However, everything Tink touched suddenly dimmed and disappeared.

When the fairies were thinking about what would happen to the little fairy, Tink walked past a hammer. Suddenly, the hammer flew towards Tink. In fact, not long after, the hammer gave off a very bright light when it was in the little fairy’s hands.

At that time, Queen Clarion and the fairies realized that the little fairy had discovered her talent. Tinkerbell is a fairy who is good at fixing broken things.

Tour Pixie Hollow with Clank and Bobble

After successfully discovering her talent, Tink was invited to meet other working fairies. The fairies immediately gathered to welcome the new fairy. Tink herself was amazed to see the adult fairies surrounding her.

Apart from meeting the fairies, Tink also met two new friends named Clank and Bobble. The two friends invited Tink to tour Pixie Hollow. With kindness, Clank and Bobble explained every part of the area where the fairies lived.

Tink is invited to tour the Winter, Autumn, Summer and Spring Forests and see the fairies at work. Some are making snow, some are coloring leaves, and some are blooming flowers one by one. Of course, the busiest ones are the fairies in the Spring Garden. By coincidence, at that time the fairies were preparing for the arrival of spring.

“Currently the fairies are preparing for the change of seasons,” explained Bobble. Tinkerbell felt increasingly amazed by everything the fairies were doing.

There are many things that the fairies, especially the spring fairies, have to prepare. Starting from coloring flowers, teaching birds to sing, to painting the backs of ladybugs.

Not to forget, Clank and Bobble showed Tinkerbell’s residence which was filled with items that the little fairy could use, including clothes that she could wear. Afterward, Clank and Bobble reminded Tink to get ready and come to work.

Tink’s First Job

After changing clothes, Tink comes into the work room and meets Fairy Mary. The woman was the head of the worker fairies. At that time, the head elf asked Clank and Bobble to send some of their creations to all the elves quickly.

However, unfortunately, Clank and Bobble had not prepared the train properly. Even so, they still try to bring the creation to life with Tink’s help. Unfortunately, because of an attack from thistles, the three of them fell in the Spring Garden.

Luckily, they get help from four kind-hearted spring fairies, namely Silvermist the water fairy, Rosetta the garden fairy, Iridessa the light fairy, and Fawn the animal fairy. The four fairies not only help Tink, Clank, and Bobble, but also tell them about what they are doing. One of them is preparation to go to the Mainland.

Tink, who is a new fairy, is confused about what Mainland is. The four spring fairies explain that the Mainland is a land where the seasons are always changing. Therefore, the fairies of the four seasons always take turns visiting the Mainland to manage each season well.

Hearing this, Tink immediately felt excited. He can’t wait to get to the Mainland to help organize the spring season. Not long after, they continued their journey to deliver several orders.

On the way, they meet Vidia, a fast-flying fairy who apparently didn’t like Tink from the start. This dislike was caused by Vidia being jealous of Tink’s talent for making her hammer shine. Because when he was just born, he didn’t have as much talent as Tink.

Tink Tries to Change Talent

When they meet, Vidia challenges Tink to prove herself so she can go to Mainland. Because not all fairies are given permission to help with work in Mainland. This of course fueled Tink’s enthusiasm. He intends to do his best to be elected.

Without waiting long, Tink immediately returned to her work room and tried to make several works and discoveries. However, unfortunately he made a mistake when trying to show it to Minister Spring.

How sad Tink was when Queen Clarion told her that only fairies with natural talent would be granted permission to visit the Mainland. After her failure in presenting her work in front of the Minister of Spring, she felt that she was not one of the fairies with natural talent.

In a sad and depressed state, Tink goes to see Fairy Mary, a fairy whose job is to supervise the worker fairies. Tink tells of her dismay about her talent. At that time, Fairy Mary tried to please Tink by explaining Tink’s possible true nature and talents.

Listening to this explanation, Tink was inspired that maybe she should change her talent. The tiny fairy immediately rushed to try out several natural abilities that were much needed in Pixie Hollow.

Some of the skills he does include making dew with Silvermist, lighting firefly tails with Iridessa, and together with Fawn trying to teach baby birds how to fly. Unfortunately, Tink always fails to do all of those skills.

At the same time, Fairy Mary questions why Tink is not seen in the work room. Bobble and Clank also try to cover up Tink’s whereabouts by lying.

Soon, Tinkerbell returns from her failed training with her four friends. Tink also tried to explain where he had been and what he had just done. After listening to Tink’s explanation, Fairy Mary only responded that she knew what the little fairy was doing. Despite this, Fairy Mary looks very disappointed and expresses it to Tink.

Full of sadness because she disappointed Fairy Mary, Tink went to the beach to reflect. There, he finds parts of a music box and then tries to find a way to put them together.

Iridessa, Fawn, Silvermist, and Rosetta apparently witnessed the things Tink did on the beach. The four of them then approached the new fairy and told her that Tink should feel proud of her talent. That maybe the talent was there and Tink didn’t need to go to the Mainland.

Even so, Tink still insisted that she wanted to go to Mainland. He even asked Rosetta to continue teaching him to be a garden fairy. However, Rosetta said that she couldn’t teach Tink anything because the little fairy’s talent wasn’t there.

As a last resort, Tink meets Vidia and asks her to teach her how to become a fairy who can fly fast. He also said that all his friends had given up trying to teach him.

Vidia, who originally didn’t like Tink, initially didn’t want to help the little fairy at all. However, suddenly a cunning thought crossed his head. Vidia then explained to Tink that one way to prove that she was a good garden fairy, Tink had to be able to catch thistles that liked to run around.

Tink Realizes the Importance of Her Work

When Tink heard that, of course, she immediately tried to catch the thistles that were running around. How surprised Vidia was when she saw Tink almost succeed in doing the job well. With her cunning, Vidia released all the thorns that Tink had caught.

Unfortunately, the thistles that were released now run further away. In fact, the thistles damage and destroy everything that is used to prepare for spring. It cannot be denied that this certainly made Tink feel sad. Moreover, all the fairies began to worry that they would have to delay the arrival of spring and make winter last longer.

Tinkerbell thought that maybe it would be better if she just left Pixie Hollow. However, when he was thinking about leaving, he met Terence, a fairy who guards magic powder. The two of them chatted until Tink finally told him about her worries and her desire to leave Pixie Hollow.

Terence also explained that every job at Pixie Hollow has a very important role. It even includes the work of a magic powder guard, or as a worker.

Hearing this, Tink immediately realized her mistake. He immediately realized that the existence of worker fairies was apparently just as important as the nature fairies who went to Mainland.

Tinkerbell immediately tried to focus and gather her confidence. He tried to make a machine that could speed up the process of decorating flowers, ladybugs, and so on. In the end, with the help of a machine Tink made, the fairies managed to save the arrival of spring.

Queen Clarion herself punished Vidia who was found to be the cause of the chaos that had arisen. Later, the queen also allows Tink to join the nature fairies to bring Spring to the Mainland. However, Tink refuses the offer. He felt that perhaps his talent was to remain in Pixie Hollow.

Intrinsic Elements of the Tinkerbell Fairy Tale

After knowing the fairy tale about Tinkerbell’s birth, don’t forget to also know some reviews about its intrinsic elements. Here we have prepared a review of the theme, characters and characters, the setting of the story, the plot, and also the moral message that can be obtained.

1. Theme

The essence of the story or theme of the Tinkerbell fairy tale is about persistence. This is shown by Tink’s efforts to find her true talent. Even though he failed several times, he still never gave up.

2. Characters and Character

There are several characters mentioned in the Tinkerbell fairy tale above. Among them are Tinkerbell or Tink, Queen Clarion, Fairy Mary. Clank, Bobble, Silvermist, Rosetta, Iridessa, Fawn, and Vidia.

Tinkerbell is a tiny fairy who has a high curiosity and never gives up. Even when he had difficulty finding natural talent, he didn’t just stop and give up. He kept trying to find the best talent until he finally found it.

Queen Clarion is the leader of the fairies who is wise and kind. After learning about Tink’s efforts to become the best fairy, he gave the little fairy permission to go to Mainland. Meanwhile, Fairy Mary is the leader of the working fairies who is firm but also cares about the fairies she teaches.

Clank and Bobble are Tink’s first two good friends in Pixie Hollow. They sincerely explained everything related to the fairy world to Tink. They were also willing to lie to Fairy Mary in order to cover up Tink’s disappearance from work.

Apart from Clank and Bobble, Tink is also friends with four kind-hearted spring fairies, namely Silvermist, Rosetta, Iridessa, and Fawn. The four fairies, with their kind hearts, were willing to teach Tink about things related to how to become a spring fairy. Even when Tink failed to do so, the four of them still encouraged Tink and reminded her that perhaps her talent was as a working fairy.

Vidia is a cunning fairy who dislikes Tink from the start. Therefore, when Tink asked for his help, he actually played a prank on the little fairy and gave her a task that wasn’t real. In the end, he was punished because he was discovered by Queen Clarion.

3. Setting

The setting mentioned in the Tinkerbell fairy tale is basically around Pixie Hollow. In detail, some of the locations mentioned are Tink’s house, work place, the beach where Tink found the music box that she finally fixed, Winter Forest, Autumn, Summer, and Spring Garden.

4. Flow

If you look at the sequence of the stories, the Tinkerbell fairy tale has a forward or progressive plot. The story begins with the birth of a tiny fairy on a sunny day named Tinkerbell. Apparently the little fairy had the talents of a working fairy.

Afterward, Tink was invited to tour Pixie Hollow. At that time, the little fairy also just learned about the existence of Mainland. Unfortunately, only nature elves are given permission to go to the Mainland.

Not discouraged, Tink immediately tried to learn how to become a nature fairy from her four new friends. Unfortunately, Tink always fails in her attempts to become a nature fairy. Even so, Tink still didn’t lose heart and tried to learn from Vidia, who actually didn’t like her.

Unfortunately, Vidia actually took advantage of Tink’s request and played a prank on the little fairy. This causes Tink to accidentally ruin all the preparations for the arrival of spring. Full of sadness, Tink thought about leaving Pixie Hollow.

However, he finally met a fairy guarding magic powder who explained that each fairy had their own important duties. That’s when Tink immediately realized and tried to repair all the damage she had done. Luckily, with a machine made by Tink, spring can be saved.

Seeing Tink’s good and responsible performance, Queen Clarion gave the little fairy permission to go to Mainland. However, Tink refuses the offer because she feels her responsibility is in Pixie Hollow.

5. Moral Message

A good fairy tale is of course a story that has a lesson that can be passed on to children, and this is also the case with the story of Tinkerbell’s birth. The message that can be obtained is never give up when trying to achieve what you dream of.

Even if you encounter difficulties or failure, never think about stopping trying. Believe that your failure is part of your success. As long as you always focus and believe in yourself, one day you will definitely achieve success.

Apart from intrinsic elements, you can also get extrinsic elements from the Tinkerbell fairy tale above. Among them are values ​​such as moral, cultural and social which influence the course of the story.

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Interesting Facts about the Tinkerbell Fairy Tale

Apart from stories and reviews about the intrinsic elements, in this article you can also find out some interesting facts about the Tinkerbell fairy tale. Below we have prepared a review:

1. Is a Spin-Off from the Peter Pan Story

As mentioned at the beginning, you might recognize Tinkerbell as the tiny fairy who accompanies Peter Pan and Wendy in several fairy tales. Usually Tink is depicted as a fairy who helps whatever Pan is doing.

However, if Peter Pan seems to be having more fun with the other Lost Boys or even Wendy, Tink doesn’t hesitate to play pranks. Interestingly, Tink is usually depicted as unable to speak at all. Meanwhile, in the fairy tale that tells about her birth, Tinkerbell is said to be able to chat and ask other people for help.

Another interesting thing to get from this story is that you won’t be able to find Peter Pan or Wendy who are usually with Tink. However, in this story you can get to know more about the other fairies who live in Pixie Hollow.

2. Adapted into Animation and Games

The interesting story made the Tinkerbell fairy tale adapted into an animated film. The film, produced by DisneyToon Studios, was released on October 28, 2008.

In the film, there are slight differences between the story and the fairy tale, especially in the ending. If in the fairy tale, the story ends with Tink choosing to stay in Pixie Hollow and refusing to go to the Mainland, this is not the case in the film.

The ending of the film closes with Fairy Mary summoning Tink and giving her a special task. The task is that Tink is asked to send the music box that the little fairy has just repaired to Mainland. Later, it turns out that the music box was sent to Wendy and will be related to another Peter Pan film. Interesting, isn’t the ending of the film?

By watching this film your little one will certainly look more interesting. If you want, you can watch it on several applications that provide film viewing services.

Apart from watching the animated film, you can also play games based on the same story. The game, entitled Disney Fairies: Tinker Bell, was released on the same date as the animated film on the Nintendo DS console .

In this game, you will be Tink who is trying to help each fairy to prepare for each season. You will not only help in the Spring Garden, but also in the Summer, Autumn and Winter Forests.

Apart from that, in the game there are also several mini games that are fun to play. These include catching dew droplets, painting the backs of ladybugs, and also collecting threads from sleeping silkworms.

Isn’t the Tinkerbell fairy tale that we have prepared above interesting?

So how? Have you had enough of reading fairy tales about the birth of Tinkerbell and her efforts to find her identity? The story is interesting and very suitable to read to your beloved child, right? Moreover, the story also contains a good moral message and is suitable to be taught to children and nieces too.

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