HIGH CARD, an exciting anime that you may not know yet

HIGH CARD, an exciting anime that you may not know yet

HIGH CARD, an exciting anime that you may not know yet

This year there are more and more exciting anime that you might not know about, one of which is High Card .

Action – Fantasy genre with twelve episodes, the High Card anime was released on January 9 2023 and is still ongoing today.

High Card is an exciting anime because apart from the action and graphics which are nice to look at, as well as the storyline which is not marketable, this anime also has a score of 7.27 on MyAnimeList and 9.8 on the iQIYI platform.

The High Card anime tells the story of the characters’ powers that are released from a card. Each card has a different strength, from the lowest to the highest.

The main character named Finn decides to go to the casino to make a lot of money after he finds out that the orphanage where he lives is about to close due to financial pressure.

However, Finn didn’t expect to face another nightmare. While at the casino, Finn experiences a car chase and gunfight caused by a man’s “lucky” card.

Finally Finn found out what happened in the shootout. The world order can be controlled with the power of a set of 52 X-Playing cards. Or we usually know them as “playing cards”.

Each card can grant different superhuman powers and abilities to the person who owns it.

With these cards, one can access the hidden powers of “good friends” that can be found within themselves.

There is a secret group of players called “High Card”, who are ordered directly by the king of Fourland to collect cards scattered throughout the kingdom, while working part-time as employees of a luxury car maker. They are “Pinochle”.

Selected to become the fifth member of Pinochle, Finn soon joins the players on a dangerous mission to find the cards.

They have a principle, namely: “What you need in life is courtesy, dignity, and a willingness to risk your own life.”

But, the Who’s Who, a rival car manufacturer obsessed with taking down Pinochle, and the Klondikes, a notorious Mafia family, stand in the gang’s way.

An exciting battle between players obsessed with these cards, fueled by justice, passion and revenge begins.

There are five core players of X-Playing Cards in the High Card anime, all gathered in Pinochle.

The first is the main character Finn Oldman. The almost damaged “two of spades” card that he kept all this time turns out to have the power, “Neo New Nambu”, to be able to pull out a gun.

The second is Chris Redgrave, the owner of “five hearts” with the power “Calorie’s High” which allows him to not die even if he is shot and seriously injured, as long as his card is activated.

Third, Leo Costantine Pinochle, owner of the “seven of diamonds” with the power of “Never no Dollars”. He can turn money into desired objects worth what he spends.

Fourth there is Wendy Sato, owner of the “ace of spades” with the power of “Love and Peace”. He is one of the strongest when viewed from the value of his cards, but unfortunately his consciousness will be lost when the card is activated.

And the fifth is Vijay Kumar Singh, the owner of the “three curls” with the power of “Green Green” which will produce vines when the card is activated.

High Card is suitable for those of you who like exciting anime in the action, fantasy genre, with crime and super power spices in it.***

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