Synopsis of Dungeon Meshi, Cooking Monsters in the Dungeon

Synopsis of Dungeon Meshi, Cooking Monsters in the Dungeon

Dungeon Meshi is an anime with a culinary or cooking theme that will soon be released, telling about the hard life in dungeons. This anime will provide a different viewing experience from most other cooking anime. The following is a synopsis of Dungeon Meshi.

Synopsis of Dungeon Meshi

Set in a fantasy world with various special dungeons, an adventurer leader named Laios Touden leads his group to explore a dungeon.

Meeting a strong dragon race, Laios’ group had to be defeated and one of his adventurers was eaten by a dragon. Other adventurers who survived and were thrown out of the cave tried to re-enter the dungeon to save one of their members who was left behind.

The first failure when fighting the dragon turned out to have an impact on the financial capabilities of the group of adventurers, now only armed with intention and determination they returned to the dungeon without any food supplies. To survive, Laios and his friends are forced to cultivate various kinds of plants and monsters in the dungeon.

Dungeon Meshi Characters

Laios Touden

A brave man who is the leader of a group of adventurers, he is the main character of the Dungeon Meshi anime who initiates food in the dungeon.

Marcille Donato

A female elf who is part of the Laios adventure group, she is someone who really rejects the invitation to “make monsters into food”.

Chilchuck Tims

An expert in strategy and solving traps in dungeons, he joined Marcille and Laios in exploring the dungeon without food.


Dwarf is an expert cook who teaches Laios’ group of adventurers to process various kinds of monsters in the dungeon.

A short review of the Dungeon Meshi anime

Dungeon Meshi will probably be one of the best cooking anime and can compete with anime like Shokugeki no Souma and Tondemo Skill de Isekai Horo Meshi.

This anime takes a unique culinary perspective, if most people think cooking stories focus on stories that are relaxed and far from danger, Dungeon Meshi actually tells culinary stories about cooking from monsters.

The monsters that are processed into dishes in this anime are also very unique, there are strange chickens, liquid slime and mushrooms with legs. In essence, the ingredients or or recipes prepared in each dish shown come from unusual and unique ingredients. Even though it seems disgusting, thanks to the good visualization and the expressions of the characters who look happy while eating, Dungeon Meshi really presents a different kind of cooking anime story.