Makes Nostalgia: Inuyasha’s Storyline

Makes Nostalgia: Inuyasha's Storyline

Inuyasha is a classic action-fantasy anime released in 2000. The story begins with a high school student named Kagome Higurashi who is trapped in a well and suddenly finds herself in the Sengoku era of Japan. There he met Inuyasha, a half-demon and half-human who was trapped in a sacred tree by a priest.

Kagome learns that Inuyasha has the legendary Shikon no Tama orb, which has the potential to make its owner very powerful. Kagome and Inuyasha then join forces to look for every fragment of the ball so that the ball doesn’t fall into the hands of the criminals.

Meanwhile, Kagome meets a group of new friends such as Miroku, a monk who has a black hole in the palm of his hand and Sango, a stealth hunter who has a helper cat named Kirara. They all unite to fight strong enemies such as Naraku, an evil demon who has the ambition to control the Shikon no Tama ball.

Through their journey, Kagome and her friends face various challenges and obstacles. They have to face strong enemies such as Kikyo, a miko who is Inuyasha’s first love and also Naraku who tirelessly targets the Shikon no Tama ball.

However, through teamwork and their unwavering spirit, they managed to collect all the Shikon no Tama orb fragments and defeat Naraku. Inuyasha and Kagome admit that they love each other and Inuyasha returns to modern times with Kagome.

Apart from that, the Inuyasha anime also presents various interesting themes such as friendship, love, sacrifice and courage. Each character has a strong backstory and makes a significant contribution to the story.

Miroku, for example, has a curse that limits his life and he must fight against the urges of strong worldly desires. Meanwhile, Sango faces personal tragedy when her family is massacred by her own brother, and she must choose between seeking revenge and helping her friends save the world.

Not only that, the Inuyasha anime also displays epic battles and extraordinary action. Martial arts and magic are used intelligently by the characters in this anime. The battles between Inuyasha and his enemies are always interesting to watch, with the different strengths and skills that each character has.

Lastly, the Inuyasha anime also displays several touching moments that move the hearts of the audience. The relationship between Inuyasha and Kagome, which is filled with mutual respect and love, is a very touching moment. Apart from that, the moments of friendship that exist between the characters in this anime are also very touching.

In conclusion, the Inuyasha anime is a classic anime that is interesting and fun to follow. The entertaining story, interesting characters, great action, and touching moments make this anime a favorite among anime fans. For those who haven’t watched this anime, it is highly recommended to watch and enjoy the interesting journey with Inuyasha and his friends.