Synopsis of Death Note Anime, Mystery of the Book of Death

Synopsis of Death Note Anime, Mystery of the Book of Death

Synopsis of Death Note Anime, Mystery of the Book of Death –

Jakarta, anime Indonesia –The Death Note anime, illustrated by Tsugumi Ohba, started as a comic, then was adapted into video games, TV dramas, novels, series, and even live-action anime .
The synopsis for the following series version of Death Note , in general, the story is still the same. The difference lies in the characters and depth of the story.

Carrying the horror, thriller, drama, mystery, supernatural genres, here is the complete synopsis of Death Note.

Sinopsis Death Note

Set in Japan, the Death Note anime follows the story of the main character, Light Yagami (Mamoru Miyano), a young man who is still in high school.

Light’s character can be said to be an intelligent student, clever, not easily influenced, and has a very high curiosity.

One day, the 17 year old young man was surprised by a mysterious book that he found in his school yard.

No one knows that the mysterious book is a Death Note and belongs to a Shinigami or Death God named Ryuk (Shidou Nakamura).

It is known that Ryuk deliberately dropped the book into people’s lives. Until Light found the Death Note book and he became the second owner.

Light also read in detail about the ways he could use this mystery book.

It is said that this book can predict someone’s death. Especially if the name of the person in question is actually on the Death Note list.

In the synopsis of Death Note, it is said that whoever writes down a person’s name and knows their face and writes it in a book, that person will die.

Even though he didn’t believe it at first, Light, who was highly curious, then tried his first experiment.

While watching the news on television, Light saw a criminal holding a victim hostage. He also wrote the criminal’s name into the Death Note.

It didn’t take long for a TV journalist to immediately report the latest news that the criminal had died. From there, Light believes that the death notebook is real and has mysterious powers.

While Light himself has a mission so that life in the world is peaceful and peaceful so he plans to destroy all criminals from the face of the earth.

After the first experiment was successful, Light continued his actions through the death notebook. Within three days it was reported that many criminals had died mysteriously.

Ryuk then comes to Light for a magical transaction that asks him to exchange his life by reducing his remaining age.

However, the 17 year old young man refused, so the agreement did not take place, but he continued his action to eradicate gangs of criminals.

As there are many reports of mysterious deaths of criminals and fugitives, Light’s position is threatened and even begins to be investigated by FBI agents.

This Death Note anime was released in 2006-2007 and was directed by director Tetsuro Araki with scriptwriter Toshiki Inoue.

Referring to the Myanimelist page , Death Note’s rating reached 8.63/10. The Death Note synopsis also states that Light has to face an FBI agent with the initials L.

Light’s actions in launching a death terror against this group of criminals are in danger of being exposed. You can watch the next exciting story from the Death Note anime on Netflix.

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