Order of One Piece Episodes and Movies: List of Films to Red

Order of One Piece Episodes and Movies: List of Films to Red

Order of One Piece Episodes and Movies: List of Films to Red

The One Piece anime , which adapts the manga by Eiichiro Oda, has been broadcast since October 20 1999. In between broadcasts of the anime, the One Piece franchise has also punctuated it by releasing several films.

So, how many One Piece movies are there? As of January 2024, there have been 15 One Piece films released. The last One Piece film , entitled Red , was released on August 6 2022, to coincide with the 25th publication of the manga series.

The last One Piece film managed to break many records and win a number of awards. One of its achievements is winning the title as the One Piece film with the highest grossing.

Based on Box Office Mojo data , the One Piece film entitled Red managed to earn a gross profit of 158,544,255 US dollars. In the production of the One Piece film , Oda also took part. He holds three key positions, namely as executive producer, character designer, and script reviewer.

However, Oda did not act as the scriptwriter for the final One Piece film . It was Tsutomu Kuroiwa who carried out this task. Meanwhile, the role of director was taken over by Goro Taniguchi, who Oda said was the first person to animate the character Monkey D. Luffy.

Even though it is not considered canon, the story in One Piece: Red (2022) reveals mysteries related to anime stories. This latest One Piece film reveals the story of Shanks the Red Hair, the main character who actually appears in anime and manga stories.

okewla One of the main differences between the One Piece movie and the anime is the appearance of a new character, namely Uta. The main character in the film is Shanks’ daughter

One Piece Movie Sequence

Apart from following the manga and anime, fans can also watch the One Piece movie . okewla The following is the order of the One Piece films since the first film, One Piece: The Movie , was broadcast in March 2000:

Order of One Piece and Movie Episodes

Fans can watch One Piece movies , of which there have been 15 so far, in sequence with the anime. The following is the order of One Piece episodes and movies, based on their arcs :

East Blue Adventure

  • Romance Dawn: Episodes 1-3
  • Orange Town: Episodes 4-8
  • Syrup Village: Episode 9-18

One Piece movie 1: One Piece: The Movie

  • Baratie: Episodes 19-30
  • Arlong Park: Episodes 31-44
  • Logue Town: Episode 45, 48-53
  • Buggy’s Crew Adventure Chronicles: Episodes 46-47
  • Warship Island: Episode 54-61

One Piece movie 2: Clockwork Island Adventure

2. Arabasta Adventure

  • Reverse Mountain: Episodes 62-63
  • Whiskey Peak: Episodes 64-67
  • Diary of Koby-Meppo: Episodes 68-69
  • Little Garden: Episodes 70-77
  • Drum Island: Episodes 78-91
  • Arabasta: Episode 92-130

One Piece movie 3: Chopper’s Kingdom on the Island of Strange Animals

  • Post-Arabasta Filler Arc: Episodes 131-135

4. Sky Island Adventure

  • Goat Island: Episodes 136-138
  • Ruluka Island: Episodes 139-143
  • Jaya: Episode 144-152
  • One Piece movie 4: Dead End Adventure
  • Skypiea: Episodes 153-195

One Piece movie 5: The Cursed Holy Sword

  • G-8: Episodes 196-206
  • Long Ring Long Land: Episodes 207-219
  • Ocean’s Dream: Episode 220-224

One Piece movie 6: Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island

  • Foxy’s Return: Episodes 225-228

5. Water Adventure 7

  • Water 7: Episode 229-263

One Piece movie 7: Giant Mecha Soldier of Karakuri Castle

  • Enies Lobby: Episodes 264-290
  • Boss Luffy Historical Special: Episodes 291-292
  • Enies Loby: Episode 293-302

One Piece movie 8: The Desert Princess and the Pirates: Adventures in Alabasta

  • Boss Luffy Historical Special: Episode 303
  • Enies Lobby: Episodes 304-312
  • Boss Luffy Historical Special: Episodes 406-407
  • Post-Enies Lobby: Episodes 313-325

6. Thriller Bark Ice

  • Hunter: Episodes 326-335
  • Chopper Man Special: Episode 336

One Piece movie 9: Episode of Chopper Plus: Bloom in the Winter, Miracle Sakura

  • Thriller Bark: Episodes 337-381
  • Spa Island: Episodes 382-384 7.

Summit War

  • Sabaody Archipelago: Episodes 385-405
  • Amazon Lily: Episodes 408-417
  • Straw Hat’s Separation Series: Episodes 418-421
  • Impel Down: Episode 422-425

One Piece movie 10: A Gold Lion’s Ambition: Episode 426-429 One Piece movie 11: One Piece Movie: Strong World

  • Impel Down: Episodes 430-452
  • Straw Hat’s Separation Series: Episodes 453-456
  • Marineford: Episodes 457-489
  • Post War: Episodes 490-491
  • Toriko Crossover: Episode 492
  • Post War: Episodes 493-516

8. Fish Man Island

  • Return to Sabaody: Episodes 517-522
  • Fish-Man Island: Episodes 523-541
  • Toriko Crossover: Episode 542
  • Fish-Man Island: Episodes 543-574

9. Dressrosa

  • Z’s Ambition: Episode 575-578
  • One Piece movie 12: One Piece Movie: Z
  • Punk Hazard: Episodes 579-589
  • Toriko & Dragon Ball Crossover: Episode 590
  • Punk Hazard: Episodes 591-625
  • Caesar Retrieval: Episodes 626-628
  • Dressrosa: Episodes 629-746

10. Yonko

  • Silver Mine: Episodes 747-750
  • Zou: Episodes 751-779
  • Marine Rookie: Episode 780-782

One Piece movie 13: One Piece Movie: Gold

  • Whole Cake Island: Episodes 783-877
  • Levely: Episodes 878-889
  • Wano Kuni: Episodes 890-894
  • Cidre Guild: Episode 895-896

One Piece movie 14: One Piece: Stampede

  • Wano Kuni: Episodes 897-906
  • Anime 20th Anniversary Special: Episode 907
  • Wano Kuni: Episode 908-1028

One Piece movie 15: One Piece: Red

  • Uta’s Past: Episodes 1029-1030
  • Wano Kuni: 1031-1085