Short Storyline of “One Piece”

Short Storyline of "One Piece"

About One Piece, this was originally an event told through a Japanese manga series. Gradually the One Piece story, which started from manga and comics, became booming, which made its popularity skyrocket.

One Piece tells the adventures of a ‘ Good Pirate ‘ named Monkey D. Luffy , a boy who has the magic of making his body elastic like rubber after he ate a Devil Fruit he accidentally discovered.

Luffy explores the Grand Line, which is a place to look for ‘One Piece’ which is known as the greatest treasure in the world. Luffy’s ambition is to find ‘One Piece’ so he can become the Pirate King.

This manga has been adapted into an original video animation (OVA) produced by Production IG in 1998, and an anime series produced by Toei Animation , which began broadcasting in Japan in 1999. The anime version has aired for more than a thousand episodes. However, the live action film One Piece was only released a few months ago on Netflix, which only aired 8 episodes in 1 season.

The story starts with Luffy who was still small. Luffy, a boy who met a great pirate named Shanks , where Luffy was inspired by Shanks’  greatness and dreamed of one day becoming a pirate. Ten years later, a grown up Luffy finally rowed alone into the ocean with the unshakable dream ‘I will become the Pirate King’.

On his journey, Luffy gathered friends who became a reliable pirate crew and formed the ‘Straw Hat Pirates’. Then, unexpectedly, Luffy’s small boat was destroyed, and he inevitably had to survive and float in a cask of food reserves that he had.

Luffy initially met Koby  on the Alvida Pirate ship , a geeky kid hired by Captain Alvida  to clean and be his servant, shortly after Luffy’s barrel was transported by the Pirate ship. When Luffy persuaded Koby  to become a Pirate, Koby  refused and he only wanted to be a Marine who defended justice and eradicated cruel Pirates.

While traveling with Koby, Luffy also met Nami , the thief. Because Luffy’s goal is to enrich himself, Nami  definitely wants to join and become a crew member of the Straw Hat Pirates. Then, Luffy met Roronoa Zoro , the Pirate Hunter who was being shackled because he was being treated arbitrarily by a Marine leader. Zoro  was then freed by Luffy and joined the Straw Hat Pirates crew. Zoro  joined Luffy because of ‘money’ and Luffy wanted to become a Pirate who did not harm innocent people, was fair and truly turned away from being a cruel and evil Pirate, to becoming a good and moral Pirate.

Of the several crews mentioned above, it is told in the Netflix series One Piece that there is another Straw Hat Pirates crew, namely Sanji  and Usopp . However, the Straw Hat Pirates’ crew could grow along with Luffy’s adventures.

Luffy and friends face extraordinary weather and creatures. Not to mention a very strong enemy. However, the crew can overcome adversity with faith and strong bonds. Thanks to Luffy’s motivation who doesn’t want everything to end before the results appear.

In the desert country of Alabasta, Luffy and his pirate crew must defeat one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, Crocodile, and go on an adventure on the legendary Sky Island. Luffy and his crew are fighting the world government, they want to destroy the base of unjust justice. The Straw Hat Pirate Team creates mischief for the good of the world and causes other incidents to emerge one after another.

The Straw Hat Pirates crew was finally chased by the Navy and they had to split up. Luffy, on his way, meets Ace , his brother-in-law. However, after learning that Ace  had been captured, they finally decided to enter the Navy base, Marine Ford. In Marine Ford, the peak of the war occurred as a result of Ace  being executed. Even though Luffy managed to get through the iron wall defense, he couldn’t help with Ace’s death .

Realizing his weakness, Luffy began training himself to become stronger. Two years later, the Straw Hat Pirates sailed again to the seas of the ‘New World’. In his adventures, Luffy also hones his abilities. Luffy has 5 Gears which means he has 5 levels of power and can utilize each of these powers as their adventure progresses. Together with his pirate crew, Luffy explores the Grand Line in search of the world’s greatest treasure known as ‘One Piece’ in order to become the next Pirate King.

The One Piece story could continue according to the author’s wishes. Because, from episode 1 to approximately episode 1074, Luffy has not found One Piece. I, the writer, only read the summary of the anime version of the One Piece story on YouTube . However, I prefer the live action version broadcast by Netflix because it is concise, detailed, and the story doesn’t change and isn’t as long-winded as the anime.