Who is Zero Two in the Anime DARLING in the FRANXX?

Who is Zero Two in the Anime DARLING in the FRANXX?

Who is Zero Two in the Anime DARLING in the FRANXX? – Zero Two is a character in the anime ARLING in the FRANXX . Zero Two (or Zero Tsū) a main heroine and deuteragonist. Quoted from the Fandom site ,

Zero Two is a human-klaxo sapien hybrid and a member of the APE Special Forces, mainly fighting on the front lines. As an elite Parasite with the codename “002”, also known as “Partner Killer”,

Zero Two has always accepted solitude due to her horns and Klaxosaur blood. Despite having no regard for human life or herself and being used to fighting alone, she is attracted to Hiro and offers him the chance to pilot with him, making him her new partner and “lover”.

After Hiro was able to ride it more than three times, the pair became the newest members of the 13th Plantation, piloting the powerful FRANXX Strelizia.

Over time, Zero Two develops romantic feelings for Hiro. However, her determination to become fully human, along with Hiro’s obvious fear of her increasing wild characteristics resulted in the pair briefly separating.

As their relationship as a couple begins to change and slowly crumbles, they realize their forgotten memories of their meeting during childhood. Both chose to sacrifice their lives to protect and ensure the survival of humanity.

A thousand years later, Hiro and Zero Two’s souls are reincarnated as a pair of children who meet again and rekindle their romance. DARLING in the FRANXX ( Dārin In Za Furankisu ), also known as DARLI FRA is a 2018 Japanese science fiction anime television series created by Code: 000, co-produced by Studio Trigger, A-1 Pictures and its subsidiary CloverWorks.

The anime premiered on January 13, 2018. The manga adaptation by Kentaro Yabuki and other caricatures began serialization on January 14, 2018. On the IMDb site, the DARLING in the FRANXX anime received a score of 7.3/10 based on 3,814 ratings.

Synopsis of DARLING in the FRANXX The story is set in a distant future where the land was devastated, and humans built mobile fortress city plantations. Pilots produced within Plantation live in Mistilteinn, also known as the “birdhouse”.

While the children live there without knowing anything about the outside world or the freedom of the sky. Their lives consist of fighting to carry out missions.

Then their enemies are mysterious giant lifeforms known as Kyouryuu, and child pilot robots called Franxx to face them.

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