Synopsis of Shaman King, Anime about the Shaman King

Synopsis of Shaman King, Anime about the Shaman King – Synopsis Shaman King or Shaman King, is an anime that tells the story of Asakura Yoh, a child from a prominent shaman family, namely Asakura. The greatness of the Asakura family has been famous for generations. This anime , created by Hiroyuki Takei, first aired in April 2021 with 52 episodes.

A shaman himself is someone who is able to stand in two realms, namely the Spirit and Human realms. Not everyone has the ability to become a shaman. Those who can become shamans usually have the ability to see ghosts, or the spirits of people who have died.

The initial story is that Yoh is enjoying relaxing in a cemetery, with the spirits there. Then, there was a child named Manta, who saw Yoh’s activities, and ran away in fear.

The next morning at school, Manta thought about what he had seen last night. Then, before class starts, the teacher informs the whole class about the new transfer student.

Yoh is the transfer student, and Manta is surprised that the strange person he saw at the cemetery is a new student in his class.

Then during break time, Yoh approached Manta and said, “people who can see spirits are good people.” Yoh finds out that Manta last night saw him interacting with the spirits at the cemetery.

Continuation of Shaman King Anime Synopsis

That night, Manta was walking in the cemetery area, he saw a group of thugs hanging out, where he saw Yoh yesterday.

It seems that the cemetery is an area where these thugs often use. Seeing this, Manta, who was frightened, tried to leave quietly, so that he wouldn’t be caught by the group of thugs.

But unfortunately, Manta was caught by thugs. They bullied Manta to the bone, especially their leader, Ryu the wooden sword.

Long story short, Yoh came to save Manta from Ryu and his gang. Due to being outnumbered, Yoh initially found it difficult to face them, especially since Ryu had a wooden sword as a weapon.

Suddenly Yoh summoned one of the spirits from the cemetery, and the spirit summoned was Amidamaru. A legendary samurai 600 years ago.

Amidamaru answered Yoh’s call. He began to possess Yoh’s body, and became one with Yoh. The two of them easily managed to defeat Ryu’s group.

After their business was finished, Yoh asked Amidamaru to become a companion spirit. Because a shaman must have a companion spirit.

Amidamaru agreed to Yoh’s wish, and they established a contract between Shaman and Roh.

Manta, who saw this incident, has started to get used to it, and is now good friends with Yoh and Amidamaru.

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