Crayon Shin-chan , Meaningful Adventure

Shinnosuke Nohara (Akiko Yajima) is a five year old child who is very naughty and silly. The kindergarten (TK) student likes to throw tantrums at the people around him.

The boy who is familiarly called Shinchan lives in Kasukabe City, Japan. He often spends time playing with his friends at Aksi Kindergarten.

Together with his family consisting of father Hiroshi Nohara (Keiji Fujiwara), mother Misae Nohara (Miki Narahashi), his sister Himawari (Satomi Korogi), and a pet dog named Shiro, Shinchan spent a happy day. One day, Hiroshi received a mandate from the office where he worked to look for treasure in a remote area in Mexico, South America. This treasure is the fruit produced by a rare cactus.

With this fruit, which contains a liquid like honey, the company Hiroshi works for hopes that its business will progress further. Of course, to obtain the rights to the fruit, the company must go through a negotiation process with the local regional government. Hiroshi was also asked to become a manager and manage the branch company in the Land of the Sun. Initially, Papa Shinchan didn’t want to bring his family because he was worried that his wife and children wouldn’t want to leave Kasukabe. However, Shinchan’s mother, Misae, did not let Hiroshi fight alone.

Misae also told Shinchan about their plans to move to Mexico. Unexpectedly, the boy with the round head didn’t look sad. As usual, he imagined the opportunity to meet exotic women in this tropical country.

Arriving in Mexico, the Nohara family enjoyed the scenery and warm climate which was different from Japan. They became increasingly convinced that their new life in a foreign country would be enjoyable. That image immediately disappeared when they saw the official residence provided by Hiroshi’s company. Apart from being very different from the picture promised, the house is in semi-intact condition or still under construction.

However, the Nohara family is trying to enjoy their new life. Hiroshi has started working, Misae does housework, and Shinchan goes to a new school.

Everything felt fun even though at first they were worried that they wouldn’t be able to understand the foreign language in that country. For Shinchan, everything felt happier because he met a comfortable school environment. Plus, the teacher who teaches at his new kindergarten is Carolina, a very beautiful woman.

One day, Carolina asked Shinchan to dance at a cactus festival. On that busy day, all the residents of the area came and saw the giant cactus. It is from this cactus that the treasure fruit comes from. Unexpectedly, when people gathered to enjoy the festival, the cactus reacted. The thorny plants moved and preyed on the people nearby one by one.

Everyone panics and flees from the festival venue. Who would have thought that cacti could move and become numerous like an army. How do Shinchan and his family save themselves? Can they help other residents and stop the attack of these dangerous cacti?

This animated film entitled Crayon Shin-chan: My Moving Story is the first big screen from the Crayon Shinchan television series. So far, the silliness of the boy known as the potato head has been broadcast for years on the small screen. Most of the stories in the animated series are adapted from comics by Yoshito Usui.

The first Crayon Shin-chan animated film to appear is packaged in 2D. An action-packed adventure story packed lightly, but still full of meaning. However, this film does not seem to succeed in presenting a fresh comedy element. The expectation that this film would provide funny scenes that would make the audience laugh out loud as is usually found in television series and comics seemed to have disappeared.

Not to mention, with a fairly long duration, namely 104 minutes, Crayon Shin-chan: My Moving Story! Cactus Large Attack is an animated film that seems boring. Some scenes in this film also seem unreasonable. Like when everyone in Mexico spoke Japanese. However, this film as a whole is still fun to watch, especially for Shinchan fans. The 2D visual effects can be displayed well by Masakazu Hashimoto as the director of this film.

Please remember, this film is not for small children. Because, there are a number of scenes, such as Shinchan’s behavior, which tend to be negative beyond his age. Crayon Shin-chan: My Moving Story! Cactus Large Attack was present at CGV Blitz cinemas in Indonesia starting September 2. This film was released earlier in its home country, Japan, on April 18.

Crayon Shin-chan: My Moving Story! Cactus Large Attack

Sutradara: Masakazu Hashimoto

Pengisi Suara: Akiko Yajima (Shinnosuke Nohara) Miki narahashi (Misae Nohara) Keiji Fujiwara (Hiroshi Nohara) Satomi Korogi (Himawari Nohara) Genre: animasi, petualangan, komedi Durasi: 104 menit


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