Synopsis of Record of Ragnarok and Link to Watch it Legally

Synopsis of Record of Ragnarok and Link to Watch it Legally  Jakarta – Anime Record of Ragnarok never fails to attract the attention of Indonesian manga and anime fans. In fact, the Record of Ragnarok Season 2 series , which was released last January, is still a hot topic among Japanese comic fans.

Record of Ragnarok Season 2 is a sequel to the first season which was released earlier in 2021. Previously, the anime series , also known as Shuumatsu no Valkyrie , released 12 episodes for its first season.

On January 26, 2023, Record of Ragnarok released 10 new episodes for its second season. There are still 5 episodes left to complete this second season. However, the final episode still has TBA ( to be added ) status, so it is not yet known when it will be released.

Even so, Record of Ragnarok has successfully become a topic of conversation among Indonesian anime fans. What is the story of this Japanese anime like? The following is a synopsis of Record of Ragnarok and the legal viewing link.

Synopsis of Record of Ragnarok

The Record of Ragnarok anime series tells the story of a duel between gods and humans. This Netflix original anime is based on an adaptation of the manga entitled Shuumatsu no Walkure .

It is said that every 1,000 years the gods gather and have a conversation about human life. In this deliberation, God will determine the fate of humans in the future. Will it allow human survival or end it until it perishes?

When entering the 7 millionth year of life, God Zeus (Wataru Takagi) along with several other gods rejected this discussion about human survival. This happens because they think that humans will only bring disaster and destruction to the earth by their own actions.

Seeing Zeus’ anger, Valkyrie Brunhilde (Miyuki Sawashiro) proposes to give humanity a second chance before being exterminated. The gods agreed but on the condition that a Ragnarok battle be held. A battle between representatives of gods and humans to prove that humans are valuable creatures.

The battle was carried out involving 13 humans and 13 gods for a one-on-one duel. This chosen human is the strongest human in history who is believed to be able to provide fierce resistance to the gods. Meanwhile, the 13 gods who took to the competition arena were known to have expertise in their respective fields.

The battle took place with an agreement that if humans could win against the gods seven times, then the gods would allow humans to live on earth. However, if the gods win, then humans will be destroyed right then and there and there will be no second chance.

In this battle, humans are known to have received assistance from the Valkyries. He provides assistance in the form of super weapons that can be used to fight the gods. However, this assistance turns out to threaten Valkyrie’s life. If a human loses, he can also lose his own life.

Link to watch Record of Ragnarok Legal

The Record of Ragnarok series is an original anime from the online streaming platform Netflix . To enjoy it legally, you can directly watch Record of Ragnarok on the Netflix application on your cellphone, tablet, computer or TV. Currently, Record of Ragnarok has been broadcast in two seasons, the first season has 12 episodes and the second season has 10 episodes. The legal way to watch Record of Ragnarok on Netflix is ​​as follows.

  • Open the Netflix app on your phone.
  • Login using the one you have created.
  • Use the search feature then type ‘Record of Ragnarok’.
  • Select the season and episode you want to watch.

That is a summary of information regarding the synopsis of Record of Ragnarok and legal viewing links. Hope it is useful.

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