Synopsis of Spy X Family Season 2 Anime, Link and Show Schedule

Synopsis of Spy X Family Season 2 Anime, Link and Show Schedule – finally aired this October. Below is a synopsis of the Spy X Family Season 2 anime, link and broadcast schedule.
The Spy X Family anime is an anime based on a novel with the same title, written by Tatsuya Endo. After releasing season 1 with 25 episodes, now Anime Spy X Family is launching season 2 with 13 episodes.

This anime is played by Eguchi Takuya who is the main character as Loid Forger, Hayami Saori as Yor Forger, Tanezaki Atsumi as Anya Forger, Fujiwara Natsumi as Damian Desmond, Katou Emiri as Becky Blackbell, Yamaji Kazuhiro as Henry Henderson, Yoshino Hiroyuki as Franklin Franky, Kaida Yuuko as Sylvia Sherwood, Ono Kensho as Yuri Briar, and Shouji Umeka as Camilla.

So, for detikers who are curious and want to watch this anime, see the synopsis, link and broadcast schedule below.

Synopsis of Spy X Family Season 2 Anime

Spy X Family tells the story of Westalis’ best spy agent with the code Twilight (Senja/Tasogare). He is depicted with a handsome face, but has the ability to change his face using a mask.

Twilight is currently carrying out operation Strix, an S-level mission to spy on the Ostania region led by Donovan Desmond. To succeed in this mission, Twilight disguised herself as a psychology doctor named Loid Forger.

Not only that, Loid also formed a fake family with Anya as the child and Yor Brian as the mother. However, unbeknownst to Loid, his family has extraordinary abilities.

First, Anya is an esper who is able to read other people’s minds. Second, Yor Brian as his

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wife is a hitman who is famous for his success in completing his missions.

Spy X Family Season 2 will feature Loid Forger getting a chance to get close to Donovan Desmond. However, Loid was confused by Donovan Desmod’s character, who was difficult to predict.

On the other hand, Loid will start dating Yor Brian.

Loid did this to improve their relationship, especially to realize the success of Operation Strix. However, several problems began to arise in detecting the presence of Westalis spy agents in Ostania.

It was proven that one of the Westalis agent’s informants had been killed. It is rumored that this case was carried out by the Ostania killer organization which started to carry out actions.

Link to Watch Anime Spy X Family Season 2

The Spy

Here is the link to watch Anime Spy X Family Season 2:

Link to Watch Spy X Family Season 2

Apart from the link above, Anime Spy X Family can also be watched on streaming platforms:

  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Video
  • Crunchchyroll
  • BStation
  • Catchplay+
  • iQIYI
  • YouTube (free) via the Muse Indonesia channel.

Spy X Family Season 2 Anime Show Schedule

The Spy X Family Season 2 anime starts airing this week. Episode 1 with Indonesian subtitles will air on October 7 2023 at 22:00 WIB.

So, that’s the synopsis, link and broadcast schedule for Anime Spy X Family Season 2. Hope this helps!


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