Boruto Two Blue Vortex Storyline, Boruto Returns and Shikamaru Becomes Hokage , Jakarta – The popular manga from Japan, Boruto , has entered chapter 81 and will start with a new title, namely Boruto Two Blue Vortex. The manga , which was originally titled Boruto: Naruto Next Generation, will release a new chapter on August 21, 2023 local time. Later, this new chapter will feature a time jump, character transformation, the introduction of a new antagonist and a significant new storyline.

In the previous chapter or chapter 80, an event occurred that made the plot change significantly. Kawaki, who regained the power of Ishiki Otsutsuki, succeeded in realizing his dream with Eida’s power, Omnipotence. This shinjutsu is able to reset reality, so Kawaki can live life as Naruto’s son, Boruto.

Meanwhile, the real Boruto becomes a fugitive from Konoha village because he is thought to have killed Naruto, who is the village’s Hokage. This also leads to a series of events involving Shikamaru, Sarada, Mitsuki, Eida and Kawaki.

So, what is the storyline of Boruto Two Blue Vortex which will be released soon? Check out the complete summary of information below.

Shikamaru Becomes Hokage

Boruto Two Blue Vortex will start the chapter with a major development in the storyline. Taking place four years later, the characters will be shown in adult form and a new antagonist will be introduced. Apart from that, Boruto, who was falsely accused of Naruto’s murder, also caused chaos in Konoha Village.

Reporting from Fresh Live, leaks for chapter 81 have been revealed starting with a tense conversation between Sarada and Shikamaru who has become the new Hokage, replacing Naruto. Sarada tries to defend Boruto by expressing his innocence and how he is not a traitor. However, Shikamaru actually worries about Sarada as a shinobi.

Shikamaru’s alleged crime of Boruto apparently affected Sarada to some extent. Together with Sumire, Sarada also talks with Eida and Daemon about rewriting history. Unfortunately, Eida refused to do this.

Eida also questions why Sarada and Sumire can remember what happened four years ago. In fact, Omnipotence has manipulated the memories of the people in the village. However, it was later discovered that only Sarada and Sumire were not affected by the shinjutsu. On the other hand, Sasuke actually promised to protect Boruto, who is his best friend’s son.

Himawari believes Naruto is still alive

Himawari and Chocho also experienced many changes. Himawari’s long hair makes her look more like her mother, Hinata. He and Chocho also train to become stronger. Apart from that, he believes that his older brother, Boruto, is not a bad person. He also believes that Naruto is still alive and living somewhere.

Elsewhere, Kawaki visits the Otsutsuki dimension where Naruto and Hinata fell asleep for a while. In this dimension, everything including time stops so that Naruto and Hinata also don’t age

Boruto is back

Konoha still has to face the chaos of Code’s ten-tailed minion attacks. This also makes Sarada’s efforts to protect the villagers in vain. Code’s scary entry into Konoha succeeded in increasing the tension until Boruto’s unexpected arrival.

Sarada looks very surprised by Boruto’s arrival. Kawaki, who was watching Konoha at that time, immediately went to the location where Boruto appeared to confront him. This is Kawaki and Boruto’s first meeting after four years of this major incident.

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