These are the tragic facts about the Crayon Shinchan anime episode that was never broadcast – The Japanese cartoon Crayon Shinchan is really enjoyed in several countries, including Indonesia. However, it turns out there are many interesting facts about this popular manga.

One of the interesting facts about Crayon Shinchan is about the last episode of the cartoon series. The TikTok account @willyardan shared this fact.

In the uploaded video, he explains that the Crayon Shinchan anime has been broadcast since 1992 with a total of 940 episodes. But apparently, the final episode of the cartoon was never broadcast on television

This is because the last episode of the popular anime ended with a tragic story. The last episode turned out to be related to the story of Crayon Shinchan itself.

The episode tells that one day Shinchan and Himawari (Shinchan’s sister) went to the market. They go with their parents to shop for daily necessities.

While at the market, Shinchan saw his sister, Himawari, crossing the street alone. Seeing this, Shinchan then ran to save his younger brother.

But unfortunately, both of them were hit by a vehicle and died. The mother, Misae, was very depressed after losing her two children.

Because of this, he started drawing the story of Shinchan’s character with his son’s crayons. The story that Misae describes is an imagination of Shinchan and Himawari as if they were still alive.

Crayon Shinchan turns out to be a true story experienced by a mother in Japan. This story ultimately inspired Yoshita Usui, as an illustrator, to create the Crayon Shinchan series.

However, the creator of the story did not want the final episode of the anime to be broadcast on television. Maybe this was done so that the audience could still remember Shinchan and his sister without a sad ending.

The facts about the last episode of Crayon Shinchan have certainly succeeded in attracting the attention of netizens. The video uploaded by the @willyardan account alone has received 36.6 thousand likes from TikTok users.

Selain ini ratusan komentar juga diberikan warganet diunggahan tersebut. Salah seorang warganet bahkan menjelaskan bahwa sang ilustrator Crayon Shinchan, Yoshita Usui meninggal tahun 2009 setelah terjun dari tebing.

“Komik ini sungguh-sungguh tragis,” tutur akun @rikar****.

“Kenapa setiap cerita anak background-nya selalu sedih,” tulis akun @maddc****.

Namun ternyata ada pula netizen yang menyebut jika fakta itu hanya hoaks. Pasalnya, pembuat anime Crayon Shinchan berasal dari kisah masa kecil si pembuat film dan tidak tragis.

“Hoax, pembuat film Shinchan sendiri yang cerita bahwa film anime Shinchan berdasarkan kehidupan masa kecilnya sendiri, bukan karena kisah tragis yang hoaks,” ungkap akun @a****. [*/Prt]


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