Winter 2024 Anime: Pon no Michi


Because of his habit of always being noisy when playing, Nashiko Jippensha was kicked out of the house by his mother. His father, who had suspected that this would happen, told him that there was a place that was unused and could be used for him to play. Nashiko and his friends also cleaned and tidied the place to make it a place to relax and play.


Tells the story of Nashiko Jippensha, a high school girl who lives in the city of Onomichi, Hiroshima Prefecture. His mother, who was not happy with his habit of always being noisy in his room, kicked him out of the house to play somewhere else. Luckily, her father had prepared a jansou (mahjong playing area) for Nashiko.

The interesting thing about the Pon no Michi anime is that the characters in this anime have cute and cute designs , as well as various personalities. Nashiko is the main character who is cheerful and optimistic, but also careless. His friends are Pai, a cute girl with silly behavior; Izumi, an energetic girl; and Riche, a rich girl who loves mahjong. The four of them played mahjong together at Jansou every weekend.

When Nashiko started cleaning her new playground, she found a mahjong stone that was sparkling gold. The mahjong stone suddenly turns into a cute talking sparrow and recognizes itself as the Mahjong Spirit. However, no one could hear him speak apart from Nashiko. Izumi names him Chonbo . In mahjong terms, Chonbo/Chombo is briefly a penalty for violating the rules in the Mahjong game.

So far until episode 4, four characters have been featured. There is one more character who was teased in the opening who will probably appear in episode 5.

Because the story is light, Pon no Michi is suitable to watch to refresh your mind, for example when you are tired after work or have a headache because you have a lot of work to do. Even though it uses many mahjong terms that some people may not be familiar with, this anime provides a brief explanation of the rules and how to play mahjong. Pon no Michi might also get viewers interested in trying to play mahjong.


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